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Handmade sweaters with extensive variety of designs and fashions

Many of the customerswho visited oursweater factories are satisfied with our products because of the large variety of fabrics and outstanding designs available in our sweaters.Sewing is required of most fashions, so our fashion industry is likely to secure labor concentrated in the pending years. Special discounts are offered for whole sellers.

We have changed into a high class supplier of sweaters and fittings, both important and modern in design. Every item has been hand knitted by a separate crafts worker. Maximum natural fiber is used in our fashions. We offer anextensive range of design and color selection. In this vast world of assembly line production it's comforting to know that a privileged few can still experience the joy of owning handmade. Because most of these Irish sweaters are made of large wool yarn, they are generally worn as a sleeve. Using older weaving appliance and fine workmanship we will do Irish sweaters.